Being Irish we know a thing or two about beer, so when we first tried what RAR were brewing up we were immediately impressed. From saison to seriously great IPA we spent countless hours taste testing RAR's products just to make sure they were "consistent". Sometime in the wee hours we all agreed they were, and a great collaboration was born. Combining the creative minds here at Galway Bay with the crafty brew masters at RAR we were able to develop a brew that not only the Irish would be proud of but one that would pair perfectly with our traditional Irish cuisine.

A brown ale, lightly hopped, with notes of caramel & dry bitterness, all modest enough that you can drink this any time of the day and perfect for a good pub session with your mates. Brewed locally for those who love Maryland's state capital in mind, affectionately know as "NapTown", and to the highest standards, we are proud to bring you our unique craft beer "NapTown Brown Ale".