Irish Restaurant Company

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The Irish Restaurant Company ownership and management have a vision and a commitment to an operational Green mission. This mission has over the last few years been incorporated within each of our restaurants and into our everyday policies. We hope that you have already seen some of the benefits of these changes in our products and services and have recognized the sustainability factor which is the underlining reason for our efforts.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to measurably reduce our carbon footprint on the environment and to provide high quality food and beverage service with a sustainable, recyclable and local emphases on all products used in the course of our business. It is our goal to fully establish these practices throughout our restaurants and continually learn about the newest developments in all areas of sustainability and implement changes as an ongoing practice of our businesses.

  1. Conversion of all disposable products to recyclable or compostable materials
  2. Elimination of 99% of all plastic products used in the service of food and beverage items
  3. Work with primary suppliers to ensure that at least 50% of all food products and produce purchased are sourced from local suppliers located within a 300 mile radius of each operation
  4. Conversion to total zero trans fat cooking and packaged food products
  5. Introduction of recycling program for at least 50% or greater of used fryer oil. We are currently partnering with Freestate Bio Fuels in our oil recycling efforts.
  6. Separation and recycling of all cardboard, plastic and glass containers
  7. Convert or change utility suppliers and move toward the purchase of wind or other sustainably produced power as it becomes available
  8. Convert, where possible, all light bulbs to low wattage, energy efficient bulbs
  9. Introduce staff training, faucet adapters and waterless toilets to save water wherever possible
  10. Work with smaller local farms to source hormone free, organic meat products
  11. Avoid whenever possible farm raised seafood
  12. Offer allergy sensitive menus for food and beverage items as well as allergy sensitive recipes for favorite menu items